Editing Existing Users
Updated over a week ago

As the account owner, we've made it easy to manage your teachers from the Manage Users tab of the My Account section.

To correct the spelling of a teacher's name or update the email address, click the vertical ellipsis, then Edit, to the far right of the teacher's name, make the necessary changes, and click Save Changes.

If any of the fields are uneditable, that teacher has registered for a different Learning A-Z product outside of your license purchase. To protect the individually purchased products, only the teacher can update their information.

If a teacher needs to be replaced, delete the teacher by clicking the vertical ellipsis to the far right of the teacher's name and click Remove, then add the new teacher.

Remember, you can only register as many teachers as licenses have been purchased for and are still available. Also, to remain in compliance with our usage policy contact information must be specific to the teacher who will be using the resources.

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