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Creating a Report-Only User
Updated over a week ago

Have an administrator who needs to view reports but doesn’t require a license? As the License Coordinator, you have the authority to generate an unlimited number of report-only users as you see fit. To start:

  1. Log into your Account Management page and click the Manage Users tab.

  2. Click the Add Teacher/Admin button to the right of the page.

  3. Enter the users first and last name, school/org, and email address. These are required fields.

  4. Check mark the Access admin reports selection.

  5. Select if the user should have School access or District access.

    ♦ School Access: Provides users with access to the school reports associated only with their individual account.

    ♦ District Access: Grants users access to all school reports across all schools listed under the district account.

  6. Click Save User

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