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Non-Account Owner: Changing the License Coordinator
Non-Account Owner: Changing the License Coordinator

License Coordinator, Administrator, Account Owner, Account Manager

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NOTE: If you are the current License Coordinator and need to replace yourself with a new Coordinator, please see Current License Coordinator: Changing the License Coordinator

To designate a new License Coordinator (Account Owner, Administrator, or Account Manager), and you are not the current License Coordinator, please download the License Coordinator Change Form (LC Change Form Rev4.pdf) which needs to be completed by the current coordinator or someone authorized to make changes to contracts on behalf of the school or district (i.e., the Principal, Vice Principal, Curriculum Director, etc.).

Once you have the form completely filled out and signed, please start a chat to upload it. We will not be able to process your request if the form is missing any information or a signature.

  • To start, click Chat with us

  • Click Upload License Coordinator Change Form

  • Next, click The form is ready to be submitted. (If you have additional questions, click I need something else to be routed to an agent)

  • Then click Create Ticket to upload your completed License Coordinator Change Form

  • Enter the name of the person who has signed the form and their title

  • Finally, click Add File to upload the completed form, then click the blue Create ticket button

  • You will receive a confirmation that your ticket has been submitted. Note: Once you've submitted the ticket, you don't have to wait around. We'll notify you via email and also send a notification in chat once the request is complete

  • To check on the status of your ticket request, open your chat and click on Tickets at the bottom. Additionally, you will receive an email notification when your submission changes to In Progress or Resolved.

Once updated, the new top-level coordinator will receive an email confirmation with their username, a link to set their password, and a few coordinator tips.

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