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Filtering Student Data in Manage Users
Updated over a week ago
  1. Log in to your Account Management page.

  2. Click the Manage Users tab.

  3. Select the Students tab.

  4. You can filter student data on this page by searching by any of the keyword fields or by sorting by the Name & Username or Grade columns.

  5. To search by keyword, begin typing in the school, teacher, classroom, or student fields and select the options available. Alternatively, you can select a grade level or choose a status.

    1. You may select more than one filter or selection to narrow your student display.

    2. To clear a filter, click the blue X in the field.

  6. You can also sort student data by hovering over the column headers and clicking on the arrow that appears. This will sort the columns alphabetically or numerically.

  7. Pagination is available at the top and bottom of the table, displaying the number of students shown on the screen (example: 1-100) and the total number of students available based on your current filter view (example: 191 total).

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