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Adding Students Individually in Manage Users
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The following information will help you add students individually within the Manage Users area of the Learning A-Z Account Management site.

To add a new student:

  1. Click the Manage Users tab and then click the Students tab

  1. Click on the Add User button, then click Student.

4. While referencing your district roster or Student Information System, enter the first and last name of the student.

5. Enter a username that is unique to that student. Typically, it's the first initial and last name.

6. Create a password for the student. It can be a text password or a picture password.

  • If it's a text password, you can go ahead and type it in, making sure it is at least 2 characters in length.

  • If you want the picture passwords, you can select one or two images.

  • Click Confirm.

7. Select the correct grade for the student. You can only choose one grade, so if the student is in multiple grades, or the grades in your school do not align with what is displayed in the dropdown menu, you’ll want to select “other”.

8. Enter the District Student ID. This is an optional field, but this is typically used to match back to the district student ID or the student’s email address. But, you can leave this field blank.

9. Select your student’s homeroom teacher from the drop-down menu. The products available to the student are based on those that are licensed to the teacher.

Once you have completed the top portion of the information about the student, you’ll be able to update the product level detail for each product available for the teacher selected.

  • Within each product, you’ll start with a default for each, which you can keep, or you can select a specific level for each.

  • As an administrator, you may choose to keep all the defaults, then ask your teachers to update the rosters with the appropriate levels.

  • Once you have added a student, the student will be rostered to each product.

Once complete, you can either Save, or Save & Add Another Student. Continue this process until you have added all the students you intend to add.

Once you save, you’ll go back to the Student table under Manage Users, where you can see all the students and the new one(s) you just added.

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