Editing Students in Manage Users
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  1. Log in to your Account Management page.

  2. Click the Manage Users tab.

  3. Make sure that you are on the Students tab.

  4. From the list of students, identify the student you want to edit. Click the 3 vertical dots on the far right of the student’s row. You will see the options to either Edit, Remove, Print Login Card, or Print Caregiver Letter. Click Edit.

  5. You should now be on the Edit Student screen. Complete any edits you have for this student.

All required fields that are noted with an asterisk must be completed before saving. If this is a student who did not previously have a Grade selected, you will be required to select a grade before saving.

6. Within the product information, you will see and have the ability to edit only the products that are associated with the teacher and classroom selected. You may elect to keep the existing levels selected or change them in the drop down menu. In addition, you can leave the default options and have the individual teachers update the product level information for their students.

7. You can also change a password from text to picture or vice versa. Passwords must be at least 2 characters in length and include only numbers and letters (no special characters).

8. Once you have completed your edits, click the blue Update Student button at the bottom.

9. Once you save, you will be taken back to the Student table. Here you can see all the students, including the new one you just added.

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