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Import Students Formatting in Manage Users
Updated over a week ago

When using the Import Students feature, it is important to enter the data in a specific format. Depending on which products you have, you will see some or all of the following columns. Leaving the field blank on an existing student will make no changes to the settings.

Grade Level: This optional field will be determined by the teacher's selected grade, unless the teacher has selected "Multiple" or "Other." If so, the student's grade can be set to: Pre-K, K,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-12, or Other. Please note that Microsoft Excel will automatically format 7-12 as a date. To fix this, right click on the cell, select "Format Cells," and choose "Text" from the list on the left.

Raz-Kids Level: This is the reading level a student should be set to for the Leveled Books. To assign a new student the Placement Tool, leave this field blank. Please note, leaving this field blank for existing students will keep their current level. The Placement Tool is for new students only.

Headsprout Product: Please enter Early Reading, Reading Comprehension, Advanced Reading Comprehension, or Placement Test (spelled out), depending on which part of the program the student is working on.

Headsprout Episode: The specific episode to be assigned to the student. For the Placement Test, enter 1.

Science Grade: Science A-Z materials are split into three grade ranges. Please enter (K-2), (3-4), or (5-6) as appropriate, including the parentheses.

Science Reading Level: Within those three grade ranges, materials are leveled at Low, Mid, or High.

Writing Level: Interactive online writing tools are based on Emerging, Beginning, Early Developing, Developing, and Fluent writing levels.

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