Removing or Replacing Teacher
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As the account owner (aka TLC), you may want to replace a teacher. The process is to create a new teacher, then transfer the students from one teacher to another. Follow this process.

First, add the new teacher

  1. From the Manage Users tab, select the Add User button and choose Teacher/Admin

2. You can choose an Existing Learning A-Z user or create a new user.

  • To choose an existing user, search for the existing username. Click Find User. If the user is found, it will show a green checkmark next to the user’s name. If there is no user, it will say “User not found” at the top of the page

  • To add a new user, choose the New User radio button

  • Enter the First Name, Last Name, Email, School, District, and Grade Level

3. If the option is available, choose if this user will be a Co-LC (someone with the same access as the TLC).

  • It will not be available if you already have 2 Co-LCs

  • Choose if they will have product access

  • If so, go to step 5

  • If not, go to step 6

4. Choose who will manage this user. If another coordinator will manage this account, select them from the menu. This menu shows anyone who has access to give licenses to other users.

5. Select the access for the user.

  • Have product access: Select this option for a classroom teacher or a coordinator who will have product access. A product license can have up to 36 students. Users with more than 36 students need a license for each set of 36.Click the blue question marks for more information.

  • Give licenses to other users: Select this option to allow this user to allocate licenses to other users. They are considered a Sub-Coordinator.

  • Access admin reports: Select this for teachers or administrators who you want to have access to see activity reports at a school/district level. This is separate from individual classroom reports.

6. Select Save User.

A system-generated email will be sent to the new user. If you've added an existing user, their password will remain the same.

Next, move all the students to the new teacher.

  1. Select the Students tab.

2. Use the Teacher filter to search for the original teacher and display all the students in his or her class.

3. Use the select all feature to select all the students assigned to that teacher.

4. In the blue bar at the bottom, click Select Action and choose the Change Teacher function.

5. Select the teacher from the dropdown menu and click Update.

Finally, remove the old teacher

  1. Log in to the Account Management page.

  2. Select the Manage Users tab.

  3. Make sure that you are on the Teachers/Admins tab.

  4. Click the vertical ellipsis to the far right of the teacher’s name.

  5. Select Remove.

    • If you will be using our Import Students feature, please download the current student list before removing any teachers.

  6. Click Yes, Remove This User.

Note: To replace a TLC, please contact us.

Remember, every educator using downloaded resources must have a paid, active license.

If you still have questions, start a chat using the blue icon at the bottom right of your screen.

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