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We take great pride in supplying a quality product at a reasonable price. In general, it is our policy to provide a full refund for accounts activated within 30 days who have limited use and are either dissatisfied with the materials, have experienced unresolvable technical difficulties, or have purchased duplicate accounts.
We also offer refunds for customers with at least 30 days remaining on their current license whose school or district has purchased a second license for them. To qualify:

  1. Each originally registered educator must be registered under the new larger license, and

  2. The account holder of the original license must contact Learning A-Z via chat to request a refund.

The amount of the refund will be based on the date of request, not the date the new larger license is activated. We advise users to request a refund immediately after the new license has been registered.
Refunds must be requested via chat by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen. Please include:

  • Username (preferable) or full name of account holder

  • Payment or order number

  • Product(s) to cancel

  • A detailed reason the refund is being requested

  • Name and title of the requestor, if they are not the account holder

If the account owner is not available, please provide a written request from someone at the school or district in a position of authority who can change of modify contracts (principal, superintendent, curriculum director, accounting office, etc.).
All refunds will be issued according to the original payment method.
We are unable to refund a license after 30 days or accounts with heavy usage, except in cases of duplicate accounts, so it is imperative that you thoroughly test our site to ensure that your computer can view and/or print the resources available on our website and that the materials are suited to your needs.

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