List of third-party subprocessors and service providers for Learning A-Z K-12 Educational Solutions

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Learning A-Z K-12 Educational Solutions

Third-party Service Providers

The safety and security of student personal information is paramount.

We use certain third-party contractors, affiliates, and other providers serving as subprocessors (“Service Providers”), whose access to personally identifying information of students of State, school and district educational customers (“K-12 Customers”), supports our ability to deliver, protect, support and improve our K-12 Educational Solutions to our K-12 Customers.

We follow an information security program that includes due diligence processes designed to ensure third-party Service Providers who will or may access or process the student personal data of our K-12 Customers are evaluated for their privacy, security and confidentiality practices; to restrict access to student personal data to those Service Providers that have a need to know the information to support our K-12 Educational Solutions, as permitted under agreements with our K-12 Customers and under applicable Data Privacy Laws; and that Service Providers are engaged under contractual commitments of data privacy, security and confidentiality, and comply with applicable state and federal privacy laws, to support our own contractual obligations and commitments to our K-12 Customers.

Our K-12 Customers are, and remain, the owners and controllers of the personal data of their students. We are, and remain, responsible to our K-12 Customers for our Service Providers’ role in accessing and processing student personal data of our K-12 Customers, and in supporting our ability to provision and support our K-12 Educational Solutions.

The following list, details information on Service Providers we currently use that access, process, and/or store student personal data of our K-12 Customers for our K-12 Educational Solutions:

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This list may change over time, and we will work hard to keep it up-to-date. If you have any questions, please chat with us at Learning A-Z.

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