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What is Raz-Plus Connected Classroom?
What is Raz-Plus Connected Classroom?

Empowering Personalized Learning for K-5 Literacy Instruction

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Connected Classroom is an innovative platform that seamlessly integrates with the comprehensive Raz-Plus program. Designed to enhance literacy instruction and practice, it ensures standards-based learning happens anytime, anywhere. Let’s delve into what makes this connected classroom so impactful:

1. Student Self-Evaluation: Discovering Interests and Behaviors

  • The journey begins with the Student Self-Evaluation. Students across all grades share their reading interests, while Grades 2-5 answer questions about their reading behaviors.

  • Based on their responses, a curated set of books automatically appears in their Student Portal. These books align with their preferences and provide engaging reading material.

2. Seven Instructional Goal Sets: Tailored Learning Paths

Connected Classroom supports seven instructional goal sets for Grades K-5. Each goal set focuses on specific literacy skills and standards. Let’s explore them:

a. Regular Close Reading of Complex Texts

  • Goal Set 1: Close Reading

    • Equips students with strategies for analyzing complex texts.

    • Resources include close reading materials to deepen comprehension.

b. Text-Based Questions, Tasks, Discussion, and Writing

  • Goal Set 2: Questions, Vocabulary & Discussion

    • Develops critical thinking through text-based questions and discussions.

    • Students engage in writing tasks related to the texts they explore.

c. Regular Research, Discussion, and Writing About Topics

  • Goal Set 3: Research, Discussion & Writing

    • Encourages exploration of various topics.

    • Students conduct research, discuss findings, and write about their discoveries.

d. Fluency Practice With Grade-Appropriate Texts

  • Goal Set 4: Fluency Practice

    • Focuses on improving reading fluency.

    • Students read grade-appropriate texts aloud to enhance their expressive reading skills.

e. Facilitate Social, Emotional, and Academic Development (SEAD)

  • Goal Set 5: SEAD Integration

    • Integrates social and emotional learning (SEAD) into other instructional goals.

    • Provides tips and suggestions for fostering holistic development.

f. Foundational Skills with Ample Time for Practice

  • Goal Set 6: Foundational Skills

    • Reserved for phonics and phonological awareness (Grades K–2).

    • Utilize the Lesson Guide to teach foundational skills effectively.

g. Regular Reading of Multiple Texts and Media on a Range of Conceptually Related Topics

  • Goal Set 7: Multimodal Literacy

    • Explores diverse texts and media.

    • Students engage with a variety of conceptually related topics.

3. Personalized Learning, Anytime, Anywhere

  • Raz-Plus Connected Classroom ensures that standards-based learning is not confined to the classroom.

  • Whether at home, during travel, or in remote settings, students can access resources tailored to their needs.

  • Teachers can review goal set materials before assigning them, maximizing instructional impact.

Raz-Plus Connected Classroom revolutionizes literacy education by providing personalized learning experiences. It’s a dynamic bridge between classroom and home, empowering students to thrive as confident readers and thinkers.

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