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Learning A-Z’s award-winning websites offer resources to fill the teaching gaps left by many reading, writing, and science education programs.

​Raz-Plus is a blended learning platform that combines teacher-led instruction with technology-enabled resources for independent practice. Thousands of resources, lessons, and activities support reading development for all learners. A variety of assessment tools allow teachers to place students at the right level and monitor their progress. Grades K-5+

ELL Edition is an add-on to Raz-Plus that provides reading, listening, speaking, and writing resources organized in content area topics at varying grade ranges. Many resources are also digitally assignable. Grades K-5+

​Raz-Plus Connected Classroom is an add-on to Raz-Plus that allows teachers to create personalized learning pathways for students. Students take a self-evaluation that pinpoints students' reading interests (all grades) and asks questions about their reading behaviors (Grades 2–5). Book sets for independent reading are assigned automatically based on the evaluation responses. For Grades 2–5, goal sets are also assigned automatically according to students' responses to the evaluation. Grades K-5+

​Raz-Plus Español is an add-on to Raz-Plus that offers hundreds of Spanish resources to support dual language instruction. This includes authentic Spanish texts written by native Spanish authors as well as trans-adapted resources. Grades K-5+

​Reading A-Z provides thousands of downloadable resources that can be printed or projected. Resources are research-based learning materials for instruction in all foundational skills, including reading comprehension, reading fluency, and vocabulary. Appropriate for creating or supplementing a K-6 reading program, as well as K-12 applications for ESL/ELL, special education, and remedial reading. Grades K-5+

​Raz-Kids provides an interactive, online collection of literary and informational eBooks for listening, reading and recording designed to improve student reading skills. Each leveled book is accompanied by a comprehension quiz with results aligned to skills and standards reported to the teacher to help inform instruction. In addition to engaging students at their reading level and in their area of interest, they will have access to critical practice anytime, anywhere, through our online delivery system. Grades K-5+

​Foundations A-Z is based on the latest research and best practices for how students most effectively learn to read. Featuring gradual release instruction, it provides students with a strong literacy foundation for success and continued opportunities for skill development and appropriate grade-level practice. Grades K-5+

​Headsprout provides a one-of-a-kind scaffolded teaching approach that automatically adapts so every student receives the individualized practice and instruction they need. Early readers interact with engaging online episodes and read printable eBooks designed to instill key reading fundamentals such as phonics, fluency, and beginning comprehension. Once readers have demonstrated a solid grasp of the basics, they move on to episodes created to teach the four primary components of reading comprehension: finding facts, making inferences, identifying themes, and learning vocabulary in context. Grades K-5+. Please note: Learning A-Z will retire Headsprout in September 2024 to shift to a new K-5 foundational literacy reading solution called Foundations A-Z.

​Science A-Z provides a customizable collection of downloadable books, lessons and other materials, as well as online student activities, in four scientific domains: life, earth, physical, and process science. These resources, designed to support STEM and Next Generation science standards, are organized into units aimed at the grade range at which the topic is taught in most states and provided at three developmental reading levels: low, mid, and high. Grades K-6

​Writing A-Z provides a collection of level-appropriate downloadable teacher resources and online student activities – from single page essays to entire books complete with illustrations. With Writing A-Z, teachers have access to a wide array of lessons and tools that help students of all skill levels become capable and confident writers. Grades K-6+

​Vocabulary A-Z allows teachers to generate thousands of customized vocabulary lessons to match the subject matter content and skills being taught in the classroom. Each lesson is based on best practices for vocabulary instruction and includes graphic organizers, vocabulary lesson plans, work-study activities, and games. Teachers can also digitally assign game-like online activities. Grades K-6+

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