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Foundations A-Z
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Foundations A-Z is based on the latest research and best practices for how students most effectively learn to read. It provides students with a strong literacy foundation for success and continued opportunities for skill development and appropriate grade-level practice through 5th grade.

Built on the Science of Reading, Foundations A-Z delivers an explicit, research-based, K-5 foundational skills solution that integrates the following:

  • Two pathways to use the program as a complete curriculum or supplemental solution

  • Easy to use, explicit, and systematic lessons

  • Clearly modeled lessons

  • Scope & Sequence that covers all foundational skills for grades K-5

  • Embedded professional development at your fingertips

  • Purposeful and engaging digital student materials

For more support, including how to implement Foundations A-Z in your classroom and frequently asked questions, please visit our Foundations A-Z Program Guide.

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