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Vocabulary A-Z
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Vocabulary A-Z is an online resource that supports vocabulary learning in alignment with leading research on language acquisition. It combines premade and custom word lists and lessons with online, game-based practice.

Tiered Words
Vocabulary A-Z offers thousands of words categorized into three tiers. Tier 1 words are common, everyday words used in conversation, Tier 2 words are more challenging general academic vocabulary words that appear across texts and domains, and Tier 3 words are technical, specialized, or specific to a particular field of study.

Words are separated into functional categories, such as Adjectives, Nouns, and Verbs; and content-area word categories, such as Mathematics, Music, and Science. Additionally, we have specialized lists such as Marzano Words and Dolch Sight Words.

Premade Lessons
Our premade lessons support the texts of popular core reading programs as well as other Learning A-Z solutions, including Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z books, Science A-Z units, and Raz-Plus ELL Edition resources. Choose from the available programs and select the appropriate lesson to assign or download. You can also choose to edit the lesson to adjust the words and download options.

Custom Lessons
You can create custom lessons from the New Lesson tab on Vocabulary A-Z. Up to 30 words can be included in a lesson, and it must have at least two words to be digitally assignable.

Your Lessons
The Your Lessons feature allows you to return to a previously created lesson. The lesson can either be downloaded or assigned again without changes, edited, or copied to create a new lesson. Categories allow you to organize the saved lessons into groups.

Review Lessons
The Review Lessons feature draws from words studied in previous vocabulary or spelling assignments. Review lessons can be made for individual students or the entire class.

Your Words
If you do not find the word you're looking for, you can add your own. The word will then be available under the Your Words tab and can be used in any custom Vocabulary A-Z lesson. Your words will be visible only to you; other Vocabulary A-Z users will not be able to see or access them.

Practice Activities and Quizzes
Once you have assigned a lesson to your students, they can access the game-like practice activities and quizzes on Kids A-Z. Students must finish at least one practice activity to unlock the quiz. Students earn stars for each successfully completed practice activity. Stars can be used in the Avatar Builder and Raz Rocket incentives.

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