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Share in Students

How to use Shared Rostering

Updated over a week ago

To share in students from other teachers on your multiple-user managed account that has Shared Rostering turned on:

1. Log in to Kids A-Z.

2. Click My Classroom, then Class Roster.

3. Click the Share In Students tab.

4. Choose the organization for the homeroom teacher or set the selection to All schools in district.

5. Narrow down the search results by entering part of the student’s and/or teacher’s name.

6. Click Search.

7. Click the plus icon to the left of each student to add them to your class.

You can share up to 216 students into your class. You will be able to view reports and update assignments only for the products you have in common with the student’s homeroom teacher. However, only the homeroom teacher has the authority to modify the student’s name and password. When logging in, students will use their homeroom teacher’s username.

If you would like to activate Shared Rostering, please contact us.

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