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Vocabulary A-Z: Adding Your Own Words
Vocabulary A-Z: Adding Your Own Words
Updated over a week ago

While creating a lesson, you have the option of adding your own words.

  1. Sign in to Vocabulary A-Z.

  2. Select New Lesson and enter the name of your lesson in the Lesson Name box.

  3. Under the Lesson Name box, click Your Words.

  4. Click Add New Word.

  5. Fill out the fields, which will populate the digital activities and printable worksheets.

    • Some fields require the insertion of a blank write-on line. To create a write-on line, which will appear as a fill-in-the-blank, insert <wol> into the text where you would like the write-on line to appear.

  6. Click Add New Word.

Words you add will be saved and available for use in future lessons. They will be visible only to you, not to other Vocabulary A-Z users.

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