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Foundations A-Z Research
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Foundations A-Z is grounded in research and evidence-based practices, ensuring its effectiveness in enhancing foundational literacy skills. Let’s explore the studies that support this program:

  1. Skilled Reading Predictors of Reading Achievement: Foundations A-Z aligns with the critical predictors of successful reading, including phonological awareness, print concepts, fluency, phonics, and word recognition.

  2. The High Cost of Reading Failure: By addressing foundational skills early, Foundations A-Z aims to prevent reading difficulties and reduce the long-term consequences of reading failure.

  3. Research-Based, Intentional Instruction: The program provides explicit, systematic, and cumulative instruction, following the science of how students best learn to read.

  4. Contributors and Advisors: Esteemed educators and researchers, such as Dr. Christina M. Cassano, Dr. Susan Dougherty, Dr. Marcia Kosanovich, Dr. Julia B. Lindsey, Dr. Robert Millard, Dr. Kathleen Paciga, and Dr. Timothy Rasinski, have contributed to the program’s development.

In summary, Foundations A-Z ensures the acquisition of foundational skills by students in Grades K-5, setting them on a path toward successful reading and literacy growth. For more detailed information, you can explore the Foundations A-Z Research Guide. 🌟

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