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Foundations A-Z: Unlocking the Science of Reading
Foundations A-Z: Unlocking the Science of Reading
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What Is Foundations A-Z?

Foundations A-Z is a research-based program that provides explicit, systematic, and cumulative instruction for all students. Here are the key highlights:

  1. Targeted Skills: The program focuses on the critical foundational skills necessary for accurate and fluent reading. These skills include:

    • Phonological Awareness: Developing an understanding of sounds and their relationships.

    • Print Concepts: Grasping how print works, including letter-sound associations.

    • Fluency: Building reading speed and accuracy.

    • Phonics and Word Recognition: Mastering decoding strategies.

  2. Content-Rich Resources:

    • Decodable Books: These books align with the Science of Reading principles and help students practice newly acquired skills.

    • Word Study Passages: Engaging passages for targeted word exploration.

    • Videos and Games: Interactive resources to reinforce learning.

    • Professional Development: Supporting educators in effective implementation.

  3. Alignment with the Science of Reading:

    • Evidence-Based: Foundations A-Z adheres to research on how students best learn to read.

    • Automatic Word Recognition: It equips students to recognize or decode words, a crucial step toward comprehension.

How Does Foundations A-Z Work?

The program offers fully articulated lessons and resources suitable for various classroom settings. Whether youโ€™re a teacher, a parent, or an educational professional, Foundations A-Z provides the tools you need to empower young readers.


In the journey from A to Z, Foundations A-Z ensures that every student gains the foundational literacy skills necessary for a lifetime of successful reading. ๐ŸŒŸ


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