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Edit Reading Room Settings
Edit Reading Room Settings
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The Reading Room, available with Raz-Kids and Raz-Plus, allows teachers to provide their students with additional resources. For Raz-Kids, this includes extra leveled books in English, Spanish, and French, plus fiction series, poetry, and song books. The Raz-Plus Reading Room includes all of the Raz-Kids resources, with even more leveled books, packs and passages, high-frequency word books, and much more.

To change the Reading Room settings for students on a web browser:

  1. Log in to Kids A-Z.

  2. Click My Classroom.

  3. Click Class Roster.

  4. Select the Raz-Plus or Raz-Kids tab.

  5. Check the box to the left of each appropriate student or the box at the top to select all students.

    • To quickly select all students in a group, first choose the group from the Viewing Menu.

  6. Click Reading Room.

  7. Click Customize.

  8. Choose the language to adjust the settings for.

  9. Toggle on or off.

    • Put a check next to each resource type as desired.

    • For Leveled Books, select whether students should have access to listen books or quizzes.

  10. When appropriate, select the number of levels Below and Above the student’s reading level to limit their access.

    • Unless adjusted, access will be limited to the three levels above and two below the student’s Level Up reading level.

    • You can also lock the Reading Room access to specific levels by adjusting the rainbow level bar.

  11. Click Save & Close.

You can adjust the Reading Room settings for an individual student at any time from the Kids A-Z mobile app.

  1. Open the Kids A-Z app.

  2. Tap Teacher at the top.

  3. Enter your username and password, then tap Log In.

  4. Select the student whose settings you would like to update.

  5. Scroll down and tap Reading Room.

  6. Select the language you would like to update.

  7. Toggle the language on or off.

    • Toggle each resource type on or off.

  8. When appropriate, select the start and end levels of the resource type.

    • In addition to specific start and end levels, Leveled Books can be adjusted to a range of levels based on the student's assigned reading level. The default range is two levels above and three below the student’s Level Up reading level.

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