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Assigning Resources on Raz-Plus
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Raz-Plus offers two types of assignments: Level Up and My Assignment.

Level Up assignments consist of a selection of eBooks and their quizzes at a specified level. The assignment will automatically progress the student to the next level after the student has read and listened to every book and passed every quiz with a score of 80% or higher. Students access their self-paced assignment through the Level Up! icon on Kids A-Z. Level Up assignments are made when initially rostering the students.

To edit the Level Up assignment:

  1. Log in to Raz-Plus.

  2. Click the Roster link from the Manage Students menu.

  3. Select the Raz-Plus tab.

  4. Update each student's assigned level in the Level Up Assignment column. Updates are automatically saved.

My Assignment is a dynamic set of resources you can assign directly from that resource's landing page, the search page, or the File Cabinet.

Create a sample assignment with our interactive walkthrough, or follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the resources or File Cabinet on Raz-Plus.

  2. Click Assign or Assign Resources.

  3. Click the type(s) of resource (listen, read, quiz) you wish to assign.

    • To assign the quiz, also assign the listen and/or read versions.

    • Select the constructed response checkbox to include an open-ended question in each quiz.

  4. Select the appropriate students, the entire class, or a group.

  5. Click Assign.

Resources assigned from a File Cabinet folder can also be given a due date and you can leave a message for the students in regards to the assignment.

Resources assigned individually from the resource landing page or search page will be removed from the My Assignment as they are completed. Subsequent assigned resources will be added to their assignment rather than replacing it. Resources assigned from a File Cabinet folder will be removed when all resources are completed.

In addition to these two assignment options, you may also choose to allow the student access to the entire library of Raz-Plus books through the Reading Room.

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