Assigning Resources on Raz-Kids
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Raz-Kids offers two types of assignments: Level Up and Custom.
โ€‹Level Up is a self-paced assignment that allows a student access to a selection of the books in their specified level. The assignment will automatically progress the student to the next level after every book has been read and listened to, and every quiz passed with 80% or higher. Level Up assignments are made when initially rostering the students. To edit the Level Up assignment:

  1. Log in to Raz-Kids.

  2. Click Class Roster from the Manage Students menu.

  3. Select the Raz-Kids tab.

  4. Update each student's level in the Level Up Assignment column. Updates are automatically saved.

A Custom Assignment is a teacher-made assignment of specific resources across multiple levels. With a custom assignment the teacher is responsible for adjusting the assignment to provide new resources. If no custom assignment is made, the student will have a self-paced assignment according to their specified reading level. To create a custom assignment:

  1. Log in to Raz-Kids.

  2. Click Assignments from the Manage Students menu.

  3. Select the Raz-Kids tab.

  4. Click View By Assignment.

  5. Scroll to the bottom and select Custom Assignments.

  6. Click Create Custom Assignment or the name of an existing assignment to edit it.

  7. Name the Assignment.

  8. Select the students or groups.

  9. Click Continue to Next Step.

  10. Select the types of resources.

  11. Where appropriate, select the level.

  12. Select the resource types.

    • If the book has a quiz, it is automatically assigned.

  13. Click Save Assignment.

In addition to these two assignment options, you may also choose to allow the student to access the entire library of Raz-Kids books through the Reading Room.

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