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Enable Last 10 Completed Assignments in Raz-Plus
Enable Last 10 Completed Assignments in Raz-Plus

How your students can view their last 10 competed assignments

Updated over a week ago

To allow students to view their last ten completed assignments in Raz-Plus:

Log in to Kids A-Z.
Click My Classroom.
Click the Settings link on the right.
Switch the Completed Assignments toggle to green.

Updates are automatically saved. Please note: this applies only to assignments created using the File Cabinet. Resources assigned individually will disappear once the student has completed them.

To assign resources with the File Cabinet:

Log in to Raz-Plus.
Browse the Resources menu or use the search box to locate the desired resource.
Hover over the thumbnail or click into the resource landing page.
Click Add To... to add it to a folder in your File Cabinet.
Once you have added all resources to the folder, click Assign to assign the resources to your students.

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