Transferring Students in Kids A-Z
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You can transfer students from another teacher on your multiple-user managed account. If you're ready to start now, our interactive walkthrough will help you transfer students to your account. Or, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log in using your teacher username and password.

  2. Select the Roster link from the My Classroom or Manage Students menu.

  3. Click Transfer Students.

  4. Choose the previous teacher's organization from the drop-down menu.

    • Narrow the search by entering the student's name or the teacher's name.

  5. Click Search.

  6. Click the arrow to the left of each student you'd like to transfer.

Students will retain their progress, assignment settings, and incentives.

To delete all students from your current roster, check the Replace My Current Roster box. Students deleted from your roster will still be available to transfer to another teacher's license.

If the previous teacher is not on the same multiple-user managed account, please contact us.

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