Raz-Plus Español vs. Raz-Plus ELL
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What's the difference between Raz-Plus Español and Raz-Plus ELL? Let's explore the differences.

  1. Raz-Plus Español:

    • Overview: Raz-Plus Español is an add-on to the well-established Raz-Plus platform.

    • Target Audience: It is designed specifically for Spanish-speaking students.

    • Resources:

      • Authentic Spanish Texts: Raz-Plus Español provides hundreds of authentic Spanish texts, written by native Spanish authors.

      • Transadapted Resources: In addition to authentic texts, it offers transadapted resources, which bridge the gap between learning to read in Spanish and transferring those skills to English.

      • Level Up! Digital Experience: Students can improve their Spanish reading skills using Level Up!, a collection of books that automatically advances them to the next reading level.

      • New Español Reading Room: This feature includes resources aligned to phonics skills and other engaging content.

      • Summer School Theme Packs: These packs provide additional resources for summer learning.

    • Purpose: Empower Dual Language educators with tools to help students achieve biliteracy.

  2. Raz-Plus ELL:

    • Overview: Raz-Plus ELL combines all the resources of Raz-Plus with additional materials specifically designed for English Language Learners (ELLs).

    • Target Audience: It caters to ELLs who need support in speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

    • Key Features:

      • Targeted ELL Resources: Raz-Plus ELL offers a wealth of resources, including leveled reader packs, content picture packs, vocabulary books, assessments, and language skill packs.

      • Social Learning Opportunities: ELLs can collaborate using project-based learning packs, close reading packs, and comprehension skill packs.

      • World Language Translations: ELLs can access authentic books in their native language (e.g., Spanish, French) while practicing foundational English language skills.

      • Leveled Books: Raz-Plus ELL provides 2,000 printable, projectable, and digital books suitable for various literacy levels.

    • Goal: To enhance ELLs’ proficiency in English both inside and outside the classroom.

In summary, while Raz-Plus Español focuses on Spanish literacy development, Raz-Plus ELL provides targeted resources to support ELLs in their language journey. Both platforms aim to empower students and educators in their language learning endeavors

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