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Setting Up Your Student Roster with Google Classroom
Setting Up Your Student Roster with Google Classroom
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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up your class roster using Google Classroom:

  1. Log in to your Learning A-Z account at

  2. Click on My Classroom and then select Add Students.

  3. Choose Google Classroom Import.

    • If you’ve already added students to your roster, ensure that the email address associated with each student’s Google Classroom account is present in the District Student ID field.

  4. Sign in with your Google account and select Allow.

  5. Next, select the class(es) you wish to import and click Import These Courses.

    • By default, the option to create a login link for your students is selected. This will automatically populate an assignment in Google Classroom with a link for students to log in to Kids A-Z directly.

    • You can import multiple classes at once, but keep in mind that each classroom consumes a product license.

Once your Google roster has been imported, here’s what to expect:

  • Student View:

    • Upon entering their Google Classroom course, students will see a Kids A-Z Login link.

    • Clicking this link allows them to access their Kids A-Z account without entering additional login credentials.

  • Teacher View:

    • Open the Google Classroom course where you added the auto-generated Kids A-Z Login link.

    • Click the Instructions tab to view the link as your students will see it.

    • Note: This link is specific to your roster; if your students are assigned a new teacher, they’ll receive a new, unique link corresponding to that particular Google Classroom course.

♦ Remember, this integration streamlines the process for both teachers and students, making it easier to manage your class roster and facilitate learning!

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