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Student Incentive Program
Updated over a week ago

Kids A-Z awards stars for every activity completed. Incentives, including the Raz Rocket and Avatar Builder, motivate students to earn more stars by providing engaging features to personalize both.

The teacher has control over a student's access to the Raz Rocket or Avatar Builder; however, students will continue to earn stars even if the incentives are turned off.

Items purchased in the Raz Rocket and Avatar Builder are not refundable. If a student purchases an item that replaces a previously purchased item, such as a door in the Raz Rocket or a hat in the Avatar Builder, there will be no refund of the stars spent on the first item. If desired, a teacher can replace the stars by awarding the student bonus stars while sending a message to the student.

The Raz Rocket and the Avatar Builder are also available on the Kids A-Z mobile app. We encourage you to sign up for marketing updates, as we are constantly improving our offerings.

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