Missing or Lost Stars
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The most common cause of missing or lost stars is someone else logging into a student’s account and spending them in the Raz Rocket or Avatar Builder. We recommend assigning passwords to each student that are unique and not easily guessed. If the students already have unique passwords, it might be helpful to change them at this time.

Teachers can give bonus stars to any student to replace missing or lost stars. To send stars from a web browser:

  1. Log in to Kids A-Z.

  2. Click My Classroom.

  3. Select the appropriate student(s).

  4. Click the speech bubble at the top of the student list.

  5. Record or type a quick note to the student in the Message area.

  6. Select from a range of stars to add.

    • 10 to 500

  7. Click Send Message.

  8. Repeat as necessary for each student.

To send stars through the Kids A-Z mobile app:

  1. Open the Kids A-Z app.

  2. Tap Teacher.

  3. Enter your username and password and tap Log In.

  4. Select the appropriate student.

  5. Tap Award 50.

  6. Repeat as necessary for each student.

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