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Setting Up Parent Access
Setting Up Parent Access
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We know that keeping parents, co-teachers, and specialists informed on student progress is important, so we have made it easy for teachers. With Parent Access, they will be able to find out which books their student has been reading, monitor their comprehension with quiz scores, and send them messages all on their own. The teacher will retain sole responsibility for making and adjusting assignments.
The teacher can register or approve someone for Parent Access from the Classroom Roster page:

  1. Log in to Kids A-Z.

  2. Select the Roster link from the My Classroom or Manage Students menu.

  3. Click the student name and select Edit Student Info.

  4. Select Parent Access.

  5. Enter the parent's email address and click Add.

The parent will be sent an email with a link to set their password.
Or, a parent can request access:

  1. Log in as the student.

  2. Select the Parents link in the upper right.

  3. Enter the parent email address.

  4. Wait for the teacher's approval.

Once approved by the teacher on the Edit Student Info page the parent can log in.

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