Separating Spanish and Non-Spanish Resources
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When a teacher has a license to Raz-Plus and Español, all Spanish resources are available to students in Lectura en español on Kids A-Z. Any assignment that contains Spanish resources can contain only Spanish resources.

If you have a File Cabinet folder containing both Spanish and non-Spanish resources, you must separate the resources before you can assign the folder to students.

First, create a new folder for the Spanish resources.

  1. Log in to Raz-Plus.

  2. Click File Cabinet.

  3. Select My Files, or wherever you’d like the new folder to be.

  4. Click New Spanish Folder.

  5. Enter a folder name and click Save.

Next, move the Spanish resources into the new folder.

  1. Select the original folder.

  2. Click the menu icon for one of the Spanish resources and select move.

  3. Select the new folder and click Move Resource.

  4. Repeat for each Spanish resource in the folder.

Once all the Spanish resources are moved to the new folder, you will be able to assign either folder as desired.

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