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Assigning Custom Lessons on Vocabulary A-Z
Assigning Custom Lessons on Vocabulary A-Z
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Vocabulary A-Z offers over 17,000 words to choose from when creating your own lessons or customizing a premade lesson.
To assign a custom lesson:

  1. Log in to Vocabulary A-Z.

  2. Click New Lesson.

  3. Name the lesson.

  4. Select a category or create a new one (optional).

  5. You can find words for your lesson in multiple ways:

    • Resource Words: When customizing a premade lesson, you can browse words related to the resource that are not part of the premade lesson.

    • Word Search: Search for a specific word.

    • Word Lists: Browse words by function, content, or special lists.

    • Your Words: If the word you're looking for is not in our database, you can add it to Your Words.

  6. Once you have found the word, click the + to add the word to your lesson.

    • Each lesson can have a maximum of 30 words and must have at least two words to be digitally assignable.

  7. Click Save Lesson.

  8. Click Assign.

    • Or, click Download to print a PDF with a lesson plan, worksheets, and an assessment.

  9. Select the assignment type and categories.

  10. Click Choose Students.

  11. Select the students and assignment settings.

  12. Click Assign.

Any lesson you create or customize will be saved in Your Lessons. Students will see custom lessons in the Vocabulary section of Kids A-Z.

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