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Student Reports on Science A-Z
Updated over a week ago

Science A-Z offers multiple reports to assist teachers in evaluating their students' strengths and areas that would benefit from extra instruction.

  1. Select the Reports link from the Manage Students menu

  2. Select Science A-Z in the Products drop-down menu to view activities and skills specific to Science A-Z

    • The Dashboard sub-tab shows summary information, such as online resources completed and average quiz scores for the whole class

    • The Activity sub-tab shows the activity and assignment progress for each student in your class. Narrow the search to a group of students by choosing the group from the Viewing menu. Or, click on an individual student's name to view reports for that particular student.

    • The Skill Reports have two parts. The Comprehension Skills section contains skills that are collected across all Learning A-Z products. The Question Types section covers skills specific to Science A-Z.

Customize the date range for any report by updating the date range in the Date drop-down menu at the top of each report.

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