Reviewing Student Progress & Data
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Learning A-Z offers a number of reports for our student-centered products to help educators monitor progress and individualize instruction. Our reports are available for the entire class from the Reports link under the Manage Students menu. All reports can be filtered by date, student group, or individual student.

  • Student Activity Report (All Student-Facing Products) details resources completed, such as books read, Headsprout episodes completed, or quizzes taken. Clicking on a student will provide further details into the resources including question by question quiz and assessment details.

  • Skills Report (Raz-Plus, Raz-Kids, Headsprout, and Science A-Z) provides information on how the class is doing as a whole in achieving specific skills tested within the assessments. Filter by skill or click on a specific skill to see details for individual students.

  • Assignments Report (Raz-Plus, Science A-Z, and Vocabulary A-Z) shows the completed activities and quiz scores for each resource assigned to students.

  • Assessments Report (Raz-Plus, Raz-Kids, and Headsprout) details each student's assessment score and the type of assessment. Selecting an individual student will show a graph of the student's reading rate progress.

  • Episodes Report (Headsprout) shows the score for each Headsprout episode the student has completed.

  • Reading Rate (Raz-Plus & Raz-Kids) Track individual reading rate progress using data from the scored running record assessments in your In Basket.

  • Level Progress Report (Raz-Plus and Raz-Kids) shows each student's progress on their Level Up assignment, the date they started it, and their current level. Select an individual student to see a graph of how their reading level has changed over time.


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