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Educator Resources
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Learning A-Z provides a variety of educator-facing resources. For more information about how students use resources, see our Student Resources collection.


On Foundations A-Z and Writing A-Z:

  1. Open the menu on the left and select a category, or use the search box on the right.

  2. Narrow down the results with the filters on the left.

On all other products:

  1. Browse the Resources menu or use the search box.

    • Resources for Raz-Plus Add Ons such as Raz-Plus Español, ELL Edition, and Connected Classroom are located in the Add Ons menu.

  2. Filter the results as applicable.


On Foundations A-Z and Writing A-Z, click Present. On all other products, click the projector icon.


Once you have located the resource you wish to download, click Download or the PDF icon to save the file to your computer.


Foundations A-Z and Writing A-Z lessons:

  1. Locate the desired lesson and click Print.

  2. Select the desired parts of the lesson.

  3. Click Print.

  4. Select the appropriate printing options.

Vocabulary A-Z lessons:

  1. Locate the desired lesson.

  2. Click Options and select the parts to print.

  3. Click Download.

  4. Open the file in your browser or a PDF reader and print from there.

For all other resources:

  1. Save the file to your computer if needed.

  2. Open the file in a PDF reader or web browser.

  3. Click the printer icon and select the appropriate options from the print menu.

Having trouble printing a resource?


Assembly instructions differ depending upon the type of book (standard book, comic book, pocket book, etc.), orientation of the book (vertical or horizontal), and the print type (single-sided or double-sided). Downloadable assembly instructions are located at the bottom of each book's landing page. Please note that each of these downloads has instructions for both vertical and horizontal book layouts.

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