Data Collection & Use
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Learning A-Z collects teacher and student data for the sole purpose of facilitating the use of the purchased product(s).

Educators: Learning A-Z requires the full name, email address, and school name of each educator to ensure proper licensing and provide the necessary copyright permission.

Additional educational data is collected about the teacher's use of the program such as the number of logins and downloads, and resource titles accessed.

Students: Learning A-Z only requires a student login to license a student. The teacher may also choose to enter the student's First and Last name to provide clarity in the reporting process, but is not required to do so. Teachers are discouraged from entering data about students that is not relevant to the use of the program.

Additional educational data is collected as the student progresses through the program such as the amount of time logged in, reading rate, and assessment scores. This information allows the program to adapt to the student and informs the teacher on the student's progress.

Review our complete Data Security and Confidentiality Statement.

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