Types of Resources on Headsprout
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Resources available to Headsprout subscribers:

Placement Assessment - To determine the optimal entry point for each student into the Headsprout program, use our Placement Assessment to measure phonics and reading comprehension skills.

Early Reading Episodes - Through 80 online phonics episodes, students will learn through direct experience that letters make sounds, sounds combine to make words, words combine to make sentences, and sentences combine to make stories. The basic component skills and strategies necessary for reading, such as phonemic awareness, print awareness, phonics, sounding out, and segmenting and blending, are explicitly mastered in a fun, interactive manner.

Books: Sprout Stories - 110 illustrated decodable books are paired with the Early Reading Episodes to reinforce the instruction provided within the lessons.

Benchmark Assessments - Help teachers measure student progress and reading skills, and inform them when an intervention may be needed for a student who is struggling. Benchmark assessments are automatically given to students after key episodes.

Fluency Building - Printable or projectable activities where students can do timed readings of sounds, words, and connected text. During one-minute stints, students are challenged to meet specific targets (for example, reading 40 words in one minute) to help improve fluency.

Reading Comprehension Episodes - Help students learn to comprehend narrative, expository, and poetic text and to answer factual, inferential, main idea, and vocabulary questions about what they read, while also learning key academic vocabulary

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