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Determining a Student's Reading Level in Raz-Plus
Determining a Student's Reading Level in Raz-Plus
Updated over a week ago

Save valuable instructional time and assess every student's reading performance with online Running Records. When using the program for the first time, we recommend starting with a Running Record assessment at the student's age or grade level.
To assign a Running Record:

  1. Log in to Raz-Plus.

  2. Select Assignments from the Manage Students menu.

  3. Click View by Student.

  4. Click Assign an Assessment.

  5. Select Running Record.

  6. Check the appropriate student(s).

  7. Select the reading level and book/passage.

  8. Click Assign Assessment.

The next time students log in, they will be prompted to complete the three-part assessment: record themselves reading the book or passage; record a retelling of the text; and take a comprehension quiz.
Reviewing the recordings in your In Basket provides you with a comprehensive view of your students' reading abilities and helps you monitor their progress.
Learn more about reviewing the recordings.

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