Sales Tax
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Several states require vendors collect sales tax for purchases of online content. If you are located in one of these states, applicable sales tax will automatically be added to your order according to your state's tax rates. We are happy to waive the tax for tax-exempt organizations. Simply send us a copy of your tax-exempt certificate and proof of payment made by the organization.
If paying by purchase order or check: complete the online order process to create a quote, then send the quote and your tax-exempt certificate to us along with your PO/check payment.
If paying by credit card: complete the order online, tax included, and then send us the tax exempt certificate by email along with a statement of confirmation that a school/district payment was used to make the purchase. Please note: states do not exempt tax on any purchases made with a personal check or credit card.
Parent Teacher Organizations are considered separate taxable entities by most states. A state issued tax-exempt certificate specific to the PTO/PTA is required to exempt PTO/PTA payments from taxes.

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