Import Teachers
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Learning A-Z is pleased to offer our account holders the ability to upload and edit teachers using a comma-separated values (CSV) electronic file.

  1. Log in to Account Management page and select the Manage Users tab.

  2. Select Bulk Import.

  3. Click Import Teachers.

  4. Click Download Current Roster.

  5. Enter or update the complete name, email, and school for each teacher.

    • Please note, the Existing Username column can only be used to add teachers who have an existing Learning A-Z account; it cannot be used to change the username or assign a new one.

  6. Refer to the chart on this guide for how to provide each type of access via the CSV.

  7. Save the file to your hard drive in the CSV (comma delimited) format.

  8. Click Upload CSV.

  9. Navigate to and open the saved file. This may take a few moments.

  10. Review the user list for accuracy.

  11. Click Process.

Each user activated will be sent a welcome email with instructions to set up their account.

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