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As the account owner, you have the ability to upload and edit student roster(s) for the teachers on your account. First, make sure to register your teachers.

  1. Log in to the Account Management section.

  2. Select the Manage Users tab.

  3. Click Bulk Import.

  4. Select Import Students.

  5. Click Download Current Students to view the most recent version of your student roster(s).

  6. Update or enter fields as needed.

  7. Save the file to your hard drive in the CSV (comma delimited) format.

  8. Click the Upload CSV button.

  9. Navigate to and open the saved file. This may take a few moments.

  10. Review the changes for accuracy.

  11. Click Confirm Changes.

The LAZ Student ID refers to that student's ID within the Learning A-Z system, rather than your school or district's student ID. This student ID allows us to maintain student data and progress when updating or transferring students. When adding a new student, please leave the student ID field blank.

The Teacher Username is the Learning A-Z username for the teacher the student will be assigned to. When transferring a student, please enter the new teacher's Learning A-Z username here.

The Classroom Name is for students assigned to a teacher who has any defined classrooms. Specify the name of the classroom to put the student into. Leave it blank for students assigned to a teacher without a defined classroom. The Current Students Download will show the name of the classroom each student is currently in, if any.

The Student Username is what all the students in the class will see on the Class Chart when logging in. This could be a number, a word, or set of words, as long as it is something the student can recognize. Student usernames must be at least two characters.

The First and Last Name fields are optional, and are only visible on the teacher's roster and reports.

The Password column can be used to assign the student a text password. Picture passwords will need to be entered manually by the teacher on the Classroom Roster page.

The Deleted column determines whether or not a student is active on a teacher's roster. Please keep in mind, only as many students as available slots (up to 36 for each teacher) can be rostered. Provided you use the same Student ID, this field can be used to restore deleted students.

Student Settings: The file will also have columns to adjust a student’s settings for each active student-facing product. For more details on formatting the product settings, click here.

Individual teachers can also upload their own student roster by choosing the Upload CSV File option on the Add Students page. Please note, this page can only be used to add new students; it cannot be used to edit existing students.

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