Restoring a Deleted Teacher
Updated over a week ago

Removed users can always be restored so long as there is a free license available. To do so:

  1. Log into the Account Management section.

  2. Select the Manage Users tab.

  3. Select Removed Users from the View drop-down box.

  4. Click the Restore icon next to the user you wish to restore.

  5. Select the access for the user.

    • Click the blue question marks for more information.

    • Please remember that a teacher must also be licensed to Raz-Plus to access the Raz-Plus add ons.

  6. Click Update User.

We also recommend checking out the step-by-step walkthrough in our Guided Help menu on any Account Management page.

If you accidentally deleted an assistant coordinator, click the chat bubble in the bottom of the screen to contact us.

Remember, every educator using downloaded resources must have a paid, active license and you can only register as many teachers as you have purchased licenses.

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