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Last Updated: Aug 31, 2016 09:30AM MST
Vocabulary A-Z offers thousands of words in three Tiers of difficulty. Tier One words are appropriate for early readers (grades K-1), Tier Two words for general elementary education curriculums (grades 2-6), and Tier Three words for middle and high school curriculums (grades 6+).
Words are also separated into functional categories, such as Adjectives, Nouns, and Verbs; and content word categories, such as Mathematics, Music, and Science.
All Vocabulary A-Z words are available in the present tense, singular version and can be used to generate custom vocabulary lessons and assessments.
Types of Resources
Resources available to Vocabulary A-Z subscribers include:
Custom Lessons
Teachers can create custom lessons from the Word Lists tab on Vocabulary A-Z. Up to 12 words can be included in a lesson, either from the categories, or adding a specific word. To find a specific word, use the search feature.
Once the words are added to the list simply click Next, choose your lesson details, and click Download.
Saved Lessons
Saved Lessons allow a teacher to return to a previously created, saved, and downloaded lesson. The lesson can either be downloaded again without changes, modified slightly lesson details, or used to create a new lesson. Categories allow a teacher to organize the saved lessons into groups.
Note: Saved lessons without changes may result in slightly different lesson downloaded due to the randomization of questions.
Pre-made Lessons
For the busy educator, we are pleased to offer pre-made lessons. Once logged in, click on the Pre-Made Lessons tab at the top. Choose from the different programs for which Pre-Made Lessons are offered and select the appropriate lessons to download. You can also choose to edit the lesson to adjust the words and/or download options.
Learning A-Z Connections
Vocabulary A-Z provides a direct correlation to Reading A-Z and Science A-Z glossary words, along with some English Language Acquisition words. Look for the Learning A-Z Connections category under New Words.
English Language Acquisition are designed for students learning English as a second language. The terms are grouped by grade.
Reading A-Z includes glossary terms from Reading A-Z Leveled Readers. They are listed first by level and then by book title.
Science A-Z includes glossary terms for Science A-Z books. They are listed first by science domain, then grade, and finally unit.
Note: These words may differ slightly from the Reading A-Z or Science A-Z glossary since words on Vocabulary A-Z are only available in the singular, present tense form.
Your Own Words
If you do not find the word your looking for, simply add your own. Complete each field and click the Enter a new word button. The word will then be available under the Show My Words and can be used in any Vocabulary A-Z lesson.
Note: Your Own words will only be visible to you—other Vocabulary A-Z users will not be able to see or access Your Own Words.
Cumulative Assessments
Similar to custom lessons, teachers can create cumulative assessments using up to 24 words. Create an assessment by choosing a word from a saved lesson, one of the categories, or your own words. To find a specific word, use the search feature.
Once the words are added to the list simply click Next, choose your lesson details, and click Download.
Mystery Word
Mystery Word provides a fun, quick activity to engage students’ minds. Each day students will try to guess the word from the provided clues and the answer is revealed at the end of the week. The current Mystery Word packet can be downloaded from the Home tab. Mystery Words are updated weekly.

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